Carrie Jones and Megan Kelley Hall Address Bullying

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My heart broke when I read Carrie Jones’ and Megan Kelley Hall’s blogs this morning.

Please read their posts. Please consider joining their call to action.

From Carrie Jones’ post, Phoebe Prince and Authors:

I never knew Phoebe Prince, the 15-year-old who took her life this year after being ruthlessly bullied by classmates and I never will and that makes me incredibly angry and incredibly sad.

From Megan Kelley Hall’s post, Remembering Phoebe Prince:

A fifteen year old girl from Ireland, Phoebe Prince, moved to my state of Massachusetts and was relentlessly bullied, picked on, verbally abused, harassed and degraded on a daily basis. She believed that her only option was to end her life; that it was her only escape. No one stood up for her. Not even the teachers.

Do you have ideas on what authors (and anyone, really) can do to draw attention to the problem of bullying? Please comment on Carrie’s and/or Megan’s blogs. Thank you.


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