Combo post: Stuff I Love, Pics of the Day

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I’ve been at the Phoenix Comicon all weekend. Right now I’m in a room waiting for a session to start, and listening to two other attendees debate whether or not Peter Jackson made the right choices in his Lord of the Rings movies. Mostly, they’re lamenting the absence of Tom Bombadil.

Which brings me to today’s combination post of Saturday’s and Sunday’s topics. Stuff I love, shown in photos.

Cuz here’s the deal: turns out I kind of love the Con thing. I can hear my husband snickering even as I type. Seriously, this weekend has made my geeky heart squee with joy. It’s akin to the feeling I got when I went to my first writers conference. Like, Hooray, I’m surrounded by a bunch of neurotic writers! My people, I have found you! Here at Phoenix Comicon, I can indulge my inner geek to whatever extent I’m comfy with, and there is no judgment. If there is any judgment, it’s probably that I am easily and quickly out-geeked by just about everyone here. And that, I think, is awesome.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some really good info on social networking. But for now, Here are some pics from the Phoenix Comicon. Some of them suck. But still, you might see some familiar faces.


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    June 1, 2010 at 2:14 am


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