San Diego Comic-Con, Saturday

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The last two days of Comic-Con were a blur, and now suddenly it’s Wednesday and I think maybe I slipped through a wormhole somewhere and have somehow woken up home again and maybe it was all a dream?

Like Friday, we had no specific plans for Saturday. We headed into the masses to see what the day would bring, and just like our previous days, we were pleasantly surprised. We mostly wandered the exhibit hall and saw the sights. Until I saw someone on Twitter was selling their tickets to the Nerdist Podcast that evening, at cost. We connected with the seller and got the tickets. What?!

Somehow, once again we were able to go to an event we hadn’t been able to get tickets to. So amazing how things kept working out!

We had a lovely Saturday wandering about, unexpectedly running into people and making new friends.

And then that night, we went to the Nerdist podcast and got to see Matt Smith — The Doctor — in person. Our seas were great: fifth row, center. The show started and then Matt loped out into stage (he’s like a big puppy) and soon I was overwhelmed with how bumbling-wonderful he is in real life. What a cool guy! And I know people gripe about his short hair, but I think he looks great. The only drawback to the whole evening was Matt Mira drank too much and interrupted a lot of Matt’s answers. *sigh* Ah well. I suppose they were just as excited as we were to see The Doctor.

I did a quick search but don’t see the podcast online yet. I’m sure it will be there soon. Then you, too, can hear how fun and adorable Matt Smith is.

Here are some photos from Saturday.















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    July 24, 2013 at 1:45 pm

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