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Today the Class of 2k14 celebrates another book birthday! If you want to read up on all of the books from the Class of 2k14, head on over to our official site. Lots of good stuff going on over there.

Congratulations to Kate Bassett on the debut of WORDS AND THEIR MEANINGS!

About the book:

365 days ago, Anna O’Mally stopped writing, caused a death, and stole the identity of a 1970s punk rock poet, but now, family secrets and a new friend make her question if words like life, love, art, and truth can be redefined.

Anna O’Mally doesn’t believe in the five stages of grief. Her way of dealing with death equates to daily bouts of coffin yoga and fake-tattooing Patti Smith quotes onto her arms. Once a talented writer, Anna no longer believes words matter, until shocking discoveries– in the form of origami cranes– force her to redefine family and love.

As Anna goes in search of the truth, she discovers that while every story, every human being, has a last line, it might still be possible to find the words for a new beginning.

WORDS AND THEIR MEANINGS is published by Flux.

About Kate:

Kate Bassett grew up on a healthy dose of dirty brown rivers, loud music, and good poetry. She now lives in northern Michigan with her husband, three kids and one very old dog, and serves as the editor of her small town’s newspaper, where she gets to write about everything from creativity in schools to pet pig obituaries.

Visit Kate at www.katebassettbooks.com.


Where to buy the book:



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