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A Book By Any Other Name…

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Did you know The Great Gatsby was almost titled Trimalchio in West Egg?

Or that Bram Stoker first considered The Dead Un-Dead as the title for Dracula?

Here’s a list of 10 famous books that underwent title changes. It’s weird to think about those classics by any other name.

But they’d still be the same books. And they’d still have ended up the classics we know and love.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. – W. Shakespeare

While my book is too young to be a classic (it’s not even born yet!), it has something in common with Gatsby, Dracula, and a slew of other books.

The title is changing!

A couple of months ago, it came to my editor’s attention that another author had a YA scifi book coming out in the spring of 2014 with a very similar title to my book, not due out until the fall. After much discussion, we decided it was best to change our title.

So, I’m excited to tell you, in a very officially official manner, that book one is now titled:


and book two, which mirrors book one and is due out in 2015, will be titled:


When we lock down release dates and other information, I’ll be sure to announce it here. In the meantime, I’m knee-deep in writing book two, revising book one, and right now I’m off to Phoenix Comicon, where I’ll have my first author appearance! So much excitement, I could just explode.

So stay tuned, have a wonderful Memorial Day and if you get a chance, come see me at Comicon!


Writing in Multiple Points of View

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Christine Kohler

I was recently interviewed by YA author Christine Kohler for a post  on her blog, “Read like a Writer” on the subject of writing in multiple points of view.

Christine and I both have debut novels coming out next year, each written in multiple POVs. Christine’s novel, NO SURRENDER SOLDIER, will be published by Merit Press/Adams Media (F+W Media) Sept.-Oct. 2014.

Here’s a link to the interview: Multiple Point of Views.

In the post, Christine examines several novels, from middle grade to adult (including my novel), that are told from multiple character perspectives. She discusses the hows and whys of choosing and writing multiple POVs. The post is packed with information, and is a must-read  for anyone writing or thinking of writing a multiple POV novel. Check it out.

Thank you, Christine, for asking me to participate!


The Heart of My Novel in a Song

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The other day I was driving in my car, and a song I hadn’t heard before came on the radio. I liked it right away, the melancholic chords, the simple piano introduction. Then I listened to the words…and the chorus…and my eyes just about popped out of my head.

I was listening to the heart of my novel, ANOTHER HERE, ANOTHER NOW in a song!

That’s pretty cool.

I pulled out my phone and Shazam’d it (great app, btw). It was “Stay” by Rihanna, featuring Mikky Ekko.

Here’s a video of the song and lyrics. If you listen, you’ll hear the story of my characters, Danny and Eevee.

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