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“In the mountains, there you feel free.” (T.S. Eliot)

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We recently took a trip into the mountains in Colorado to see the fall colors. Here are some photos I took along the way. Enjoy!


Copenhagen: When Science and Story Collide

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Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch (Photo credit: honeyfitz)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of listening to the adaptation of Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen on BBC Radio 3.

Here’s the summary/description from the BBC:

“Benedict Cumberbatch, Greta Scacchi and Simon Russell Beale star in Michael Frayn’s award-winning play about the controversial 1941 meeting between physicists Bohr and Heisenberg, part of a joint Radio 3 and Radio 4 series of three Michael Frayn dramas for radio – including new adaptations of his novels, ‘Skios’ and ‘Headlong’.

Copenhagen, Autumn 1941. The two presiding geniuses of quantum physics, Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg meet for the first time since the breakout of war.

Danish physicist Bohr and his wife, Margrethe, live in Nazi-occupied Denmark; their visitor, Heisenberg, is German. Two old friends, now on opposing sides, who between them have the ability to change the course of history.

But why has Heisenberg – Bohr’s former protégé – come to Copenhagen?

Michael Frayn’s Tony award-winning play imagines the three characters re-drafting the events of 1941 in an attempt to make sense of them. A powerful exploration of the uncertainties of human memory and motivation.”

I found this production so fascinating! (And no, not just because it was two hours of listening to Cumberbatch’s voice.) The story is a swirl of science and interpersonal relationships. It touches on strong emotions but never gets heavy-handed. It is both minimalist and vivid. And my favorite part: the structure/writing, which at first is disconcerting, evolves into a form or example of the very subject matter Bohrs and Heisenberg tangle with throughout the play! *kabooom* There goes my writer brain. I LOVE that kind of meta, self-referential literary trickery.

If, like me, you enjoy when science and story collide (ha), you might want to give this production a listen. I highly recommend it.

You can listen to Copenhagen at BBC Radio 3. (Be warned: how long that link will be active, I don’t know.)

Stuff I Love: Busy Brushes

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I love busy brushes.

Busy brushes mean creativity is alive.

Today I’m juggling writing and painting. I’m working on a picture of Portree Bay, Isle of Skye for my husband’s office. I’ll post a pic when it’s done.

Wishing you busy brushes (or whatever tool your creativity requires). 🙂

Stuff I Love: Unexpected Moments

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On a recent road trip, we stopped at a drive-thru for a grab-and-run dinner. Scrawled on the back of the building behind the restaurant were faded, spray-painted words. While waiting for the food to arrive, I tried to decipher them.

Imagine my surprise when I realized it was one of my favorite quotes.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato

I love moments like that. Moments that flip in the mind; where you think you’re seeing one thing and then a light goes on and you see something else entirely. Something breathtaking or beautiful or inspiring.

Unexpected moments.

Stuff I Love: Indie Bookstores

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While meandering the 16th Street Mall in Denver last week, I stopped in at The Tattered Cover, an independent bookstore in a cool, old building. I pushed open the wooden doors, ascended the three steps into the store and kind of gasped.

It was awesome.

And it was full of people, which made the awesomeness all the more awesome.

I love indie bookstores.

We don’t have many where I live. We mostly have the big box chains. I have to drive 45 minutes to get to the closest indie store, Changing Hands. It’s worth the drive though. They have everything. So many nooks and crannies full of fascinating books to explore. A lot of great authors stop at Changing Hands to do readings, signings and workshops, too. It’s my favorite local bookstore.

I keep thinking about recent blog posts I’ve read sounding the death knell of the publishing industry and the rise of digital books. How will that affect indie stores? Will they lose business? Will they be forced to close up shop? How awful would that be?

Do you love indie bookstores, too? Which is your favorite? Tell me about it and leave a link in the comments.

And if you’re ever in Denver or Tempe, please visit The Tattered Cover and Changing Hands bookstores. I bet you’ll love them as much as I do.