The winner of the Doctor Who giveaway is…

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Congratulations, Baylee! Enjoy your new Time Lord mug. May you drink many delicious beverages in good health.


Thanks to all who entered and shared theories about who Clara might be. Hooray for only one more day until we (hopefully?!) find out what The Moff has up his sleeve.

Happy Who everyone!


“The Name of the Doctor” Doctor Who Giveaway

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Hello, all my Whovian friends! Have you been enjoying the new season?

I have. And I’m anxious to see what Moffat’s going to do with the season finale, “The Name of the Doctor”.

If you’re not familiar with the show, or the upcoming episode, here’s the trailer:

Clara was born to save the Doctor?! Color me excited. So excited, in fact, I’ve decided to have a…


*wild applause*

On Friday, I will be giving away a Time Lord mug from my shop, Robots & Rainbows. Here’s a pic:


TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling me who you think Clara is. Be sure to use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. Don’t worry, I won’t sell your email address or spam you or anything evil like that. Promise.

The winner will be announced here this Friday, May 17.

And in case you’re wondering what all this Doctor Who business is about, here’s a link where you can get programming info so you can watch it and get your mind blown away, too!

Don’t be shy now. Leave a comment below.