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San Diego Comic-Com, Sunday

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Blissfully exhausted, Trish and I traipsed into Sunday, the final day of San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

We had chosen not to camp out in the Hall H line to see the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary panel. We’d heard there had been people lined up since early Saturday afternoon. Ugh! Had we decided line up, we wouldn’t have been able to attend the Nerdist Podcast with Matt Smith the night before. So we felt okay with our choice.

Still, there was a Doctor Who autograph lottery Sunday morning and we thought, Why not try? So we lined up at 6am for our shot. Made some friends with others in line and then when the time came, tried for a signing ticket.

The autograph lottery lines are a special kind of torture. Lining up for hours and then climbing numerous sets of stairs for a chance to stand in a smaller line where you get to reach into a bag in hopes of getting a ticket with a stamp on the back. It really is a gamble. Our first time through, we didn’t win. Our second time through, they were out of tickets. Sigh. Ah well. At least now we knew what the lottery was like. The experience made us all the more happier we’d been able to go the to Nerdist Poscast the night before. (Thanks, Star Dot Geek, for the ticket!)

We briefly considered bribing people for their bathroom passes in Hall H so we could slip into the Doctor Who panel, but instead we were distracted by John Barrowman. Had to stop for a hello and a photo. We also stopped by the Random House aisle, where I met some of the marketing team who will be working on the marketing plan for my books. SO exciting! They mentioned maybe me doing ARC signings at next year’s con. Here’s hoping!

Next we went upstairs and enjoyed the X-Men comics panel (one of the panelists was Paul Cornell!!) and Ben 10 panel, before scoring perfect seats for the Spotlight on Neil Gaiman panel.

I feel quite spoiled, getting to see Neil Gaiman twice in less than a month. And this time it was hosted by Jonathan Ross!

The panel was brilliant. Very relaxed and fun. Neil and Jonathan talked about everything from Neil’s hair to movie plans that Neil isn’t allowed to say anything about. One of the best panels we saw during the entire con.

After, we rushed over to the Sails Pavilion in hopes of catching the tail ends of a couple of author autograph sessions. SM Wheeler signed the ARC of Sea Change I’d won during the Tor panel at Phoenix Comicon. Very cool. And then we ran over to Patrick Rothfuss’ table.

They’d capped the line and wouldn’t let me in. I was sad. Very sad. I watched him signing books, and thought very sad thoughts. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, Trish convinced the young guy guarding the line to let me in! Yay, Trish!! Thank you!!

I had a really wonderful chat with Patrick. He is a very kind and generous soul. I am so grateful for the chance to connect with him. Really meaningful moment. Thank you, Patrick.

We left the Sails Pavilion in a total Con fog, our geeky hearts full of joy. It had started raining, but that didn’t dampen our spirits at all. We boarded the trolley for Old Town and took a final pic of the Convention Center in all its glory.

We decided to have one last adventure to cap off the weekend, and did a ghost walk of Old Town San Diego. What a blast! We got to see the sights at night and learn the history of our hotel and surrounding area.

The morning after our first real night at the Cosmopolitan (Friday night), Trish and I had commented how noisy the night had been, how we’d heard footsteps outside our door. We didn’t think anything of it, though, until our ghost tour guide asked us if we’d heard them. We said yes and that we’d assumed it was our neighbors (though we always got home very late, around 2am) and the hotel was quiet. The guide said next time we heard the footsteps to look outside our door, there’d be no one there. Eeeeek.

Monday morning, we enjoyed scones on our porch outside our room, got in a taxi for the airport and said goodbye to another amazing adventurous weekend.

Thank you, San Diego Comic-Con for an incredible time. We’ll see you again next year!


San Diego Comic-Con, Saturday

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The last two days of Comic-Con were a blur, and now suddenly it’s Wednesday and I think maybe I slipped through a wormhole somewhere and have somehow woken up home again and maybe it was all a dream?

Like Friday, we had no specific plans for Saturday. We headed into the masses to see what the day would bring, and just like our previous days, we were pleasantly surprised. We mostly wandered the exhibit hall and saw the sights. Until I saw someone on Twitter was selling their tickets to the Nerdist Podcast that evening, at cost. We connected with the seller and got the tickets. What?!

Somehow, once again we were able to go to an event we hadn’t been able to get tickets to. So amazing how things kept working out!

We had a lovely Saturday wandering about, unexpectedly running into people and making new friends.

And then that night, we went to the Nerdist podcast and got to see Matt Smith — The Doctor — in person. Our seas were great: fifth row, center. The show started and then Matt loped out into stage (he’s like a big puppy) and soon I was overwhelmed with how bumbling-wonderful he is in real life. What a cool guy! And I know people gripe about his short hair, but I think he looks great. The only drawback to the whole evening was Matt Mira drank too much and interrupted a lot of Matt’s answers. *sigh* Ah well. I suppose they were just as excited as we were to see The Doctor.

I did a quick search but don’t see the podcast online yet. I’m sure it will be there soon. Then you, too, can hear how fun and adorable Matt Smith is.

Here are some photos from Saturday.














The winner of the Doctor Who giveaway is…

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Congratulations, Baylee! Enjoy your new Time Lord mug. May you drink many delicious beverages in good health.


Thanks to all who entered and shared theories about who Clara might be. Hooray for only one more day until we (hopefully?!) find out what The Moff has up his sleeve.

Happy Who everyone!

Number Eleven

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What’s on my mind today? Number Eleven.

We’re several episodes into the new season of Doctor Who. I’ve held off posting about it until I’d watched enough to form some solid opinions.

Overall, my reaction is favorable.

What I like:

  • I like that each episode feels like a story (Huzzah, Steven Moffat!), rather than just another alien hell-bent on badness and needing to be stopped.
  • I like the ongoing mystery of the crack in the wall, the crack in time, whatever it is. Again, good storytelling.
  • I like Amy Pond (and not just because she has a great name). I like that she mixes things up, gets in the Doctor’s face and in his way. I like that she sometimes has the answers. (I just hope she doesn’t always have the answers.)

What I don’t like:

  • The changes to the theme song. Bleayah.
  • The bits and baubles of the TARDIS. Is it made from a pinball machine? I don’t get it. It feels comical, which for me robs it of its wonder. And if the TARDIS is anything, it is wonder.

What’s growing on me (or rather Who’s):

  • The Doctor. I think Matt Smith is doing a great job. But he’s not David Tennant and part of me really, REALLY misses Number X. I have full confidence that Matt Smith will grow into the role — and quickly at that — but right now it’s like there’s a disconnect between Smith’s delivering of lines and his physical acting. If he tries to do both at once, both suffer. That will improve, I hope, and in the meantime I will have to rewind to catch what I’ve missed in his mumblings.

Mostly, I’m relieved to find my love of the show — of the premise — goes beyond my fondness of David Tennant as the Doctor. And that’s how it should be, right? That’s what has made the show last for so many seasons. I hope it continues to get better and better. I still look forward to seeing where they end up every week. 🙂

On a related note: I’ve decided to attend the Phoenix Comicon next weekend! And guess what they’ll have? That’s right:  a Dr. Who and Torchwood panel discussion. Be still my geeky heart.

So what about you? What do you think of Number 11? Likes? Dislikes? What’s growing on you?