WHILE YOU WERE GONE hits shelves today!

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Hey everyone! Exciting news around here. The second book of the Duplexity series, WHILE YOU WERE GONE, is officially released into the wild!

Here’s the trailer, in case you haven’t feasted your eyes on it yet:

And here’s what reviewers are saying:

“Danny and Eevee have off-the-charts chemistry. The nonromantic storylines…allow the characters to develop outside of their romance. The novel’s tense and exciting throughout…lots of fun on multiple levels.” – KIRKUS

“Nichols is clever in reimagining characters in the alternate universe, keeping readers entertained throughout. A great modern-day science fiction novel for fans of time travel or the television show Fringe… A fun great back-to-school series to introduce to students as they think about where else they could be and what their lives might be like elsewhere.” – School Library Journal

“Fans of the first book will flock to this one, but the books can easily be read in either order.” – VOYA

“Both Eevees are smart, daring, and attracted to the Danny in their universe. While science is not as prominent in this novel, the sci-fi backstory adds a thought provoking undercurrent to a sweet love story that revolves around larger societal issues.” – Booklist

Sound like something you’re wanting to read? You can get your copy at bookstores everywhere. Here are some handy links to streamline the process for you:


Barnes & Noble




What’s that? You say you want to a signed copy? And you want to get it in person at a book launch party? Well, you’re in luck!

I’ll be having a book launch party this Saturday, August 8th, at 5pm at Changing Hands Phoenix, alongside my friend Austin Aslan who is celebrating the launch of his second novel, THE GIRL AT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD.

Changing Hands Phoenix is located at

300 W. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ, 85013

The evening will be emceed by fellow author Ryan Dalton whose book THE YEAR OF LIGHTNING will be debuting in December. We’ll also be hosting a raffle of book-related items to benefit the amazing Kids Need to Read. Come along and bring your friends to this family-friendly event! It’s going to be a lot of fun. Oh! And you can get your autographed copy of WHILE YOU WERE GONE.*

(If you can’t make the event, you can still order a signed copy from Changing Hands online or by telephone.)

Thanks for your support! Hope you enjoy the books! ❤


My Fiction Project 2011

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A couple of months ago, I participated in Art House Co-op’s Fiction Project 2011. It’s an art/story project where they send you a notebook, you fill it with stories and art, and they send it on tour and house it in their gallery/library. Art House is currently updating their website, so the fiction books aren’t online yet, but hopefully they will be soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of the photos I took of my project before I sent it off.

I chose to illustrate my story “Beneath the Crape Myrtle“, which was published by Plain Spoke and The Liars League a while back. You can read the story in its entirety on my website. It’s about a dog. A ghost dog.

I dedicated my fiction project version to Holly.

Here are the photos. When the link at Art House goes live, I’ll post it as well.

Hello Blogness, My Old Friend

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*taps microphone*

Is this thing on?

Hello, my blog. My sweet, lonely blog. I apologize for ignoring you for a month. Or more. But it was for good reason. See, I was finishing my novel. And well, now I’ve done that. So I’m back. And I hope not to ignore you again. At least until that time comes for the all-out insane rush to finish the next novel.

Would you like to hear what it’s about? Here you go:

When bad-boy Danny shows up at straight-laced Eevee’s door claiming he doesn’t know who or where he is, she thinks he’s high and can’t get him to leave quick enough. But when she discovers he’s a kinder (not to mention cuter) version of Danny from a parallel universe, she does everything she can to keep him from leaving.

Panic Switch is a young adult novel. 325 pages and 60,000-some words long. And I’m pretty excited about it, if I do say so myself.

I’m also excited to be going to L.A. this week for the SCBWI Summer Conference! I’ll have loads of stories and photos and writing info to share with you. Can’t. Wait.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with more about what’s been happening in my month-long hiatus. See you then!

I told you it was good.

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Today, A.S. King won a Printz Honor for her awesome book, Please Ignore Vera Dietz.

Please Ignore Vera Dietz

I told you it was good. So go read it already!

Congratulations, Amy! Well deserved.

Dr. Who, The Parking Lot Confessional, and Hints of Things to Come

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I’m doing web work, watching Jonathan Ross and listening to The Chairman of the Borg test a voice-to-text-message app on his iPhone. Despite these thrilling happenings, I am pulling myself away to post some news updates.

First up, an announcement.

*taps microphone*

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of topics… the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat… the human drama of literary competition… Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Parking Lot Confessional!

My writers’ group (aka, support group) has made the leap to Cyberland and started a website wherein we will document our literary journeys. Our goal is to spark conversation and build community as we encourage one another — and our readers — toward greatness. Join us!

Next up, a cryptic statement that will leave you scratching your head.

I am in the planning phases of an exciting something to be unveiled early in the new year. Watch this space!


Finally, who in the U.S. is excited about watching Doctor Who: The Water of Mars tomorrow night? Go on, raise your hands. Don’t be shy. You’re among friends.

I’m excited, too.

*insert nerdy woot here*

(New writing blog post tomorrow.)