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San Diego Comic-Con, Friday

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San Diego Comic-con, day two, was just as epic as day one!

Trish and I didn’t have any concrete plans for Friday. And yet, everything had a way of turning out awesome.

We’re on the trolley now, headed into day three. So here’s a super quick recap and some pics.

We took on the exhibit hall first. Hit the BBCAmerica table. Hit the book aisles and got some freebies from Penguin. Met Holly Black and Scott Westerfield. Saw David Bradley and Mark Gatiss (again!). Went to the Marie Lu (Legend, Prodigy) panel. More exhibit hall. Ate some good food and drank coffee. Went to the late-night screening of The World’s End.

We saw The World’s End!!

I can’t believe we got in. We went down to the theater in hopes of catching a glimpse of the cast as they went inside. Instead we caught the whole film, with a welcome from Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg! Also said hello to Bill Paxton. Crazy.

The movie is so fun! But also had poignant moments, one in particular that took my breath away. Such good writing!! They asked us not to give away spoilers, so *zips lips*. See it, though, when it opens August 23. It’s a blast.

Here are photos. We’re off to see what other trouble we can get into.20130720-100732.jpg20130720-100746.jpg20130720-100753.jpg20130720-100805.jpg20130720-100811.jpg20130720-100818.jpg20130720-100826.jpg20130720-100833.jpg20130720-100839.jpg20130720-100851.jpg20130720-100858.jpg20130720-100905.jpg