Introducing Liminal, a literary journal for teens

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For a couple of years now I’ve thought about starting a literary journal. I finally  stopped thinking about it and did it. Here it is:

Liminal, a journal written for teens, by teens.

I wish someone had encouraged me to send my work out in to the world when I was a teenager. Now I’m hoping to encourage today’s teens to give it a try.

Please help me spread the word. Do you know any creative teens? Please encourage them to submit their work to Liminal. We’re currently accepting submissions in all our categories: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, book and music reviews, artwork, comics, photography and short film.

Thank you!


In the mood for a quick story?

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Chuck Wendig offered up his blog, Terribleminds, to guest bloggers while he’s off enjoying the Sundance Film Festival. Even though the thought of writing a post — especially one of a calibre befitting Chuck’s blog — scared the crap out of me, I leapt.

I pitched my idea to him this way:  “I’ll tell you about the most disgusting thing that’s ever happened to me, and what it taught me about life.”

And he agreed to give me a slot. (Thank you, Chuck!)

You can read the story here.

I hope you enjoy it. Heh.