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819VTwVeSVL._SL1500_While You Were Gone doesn’t hit shelves until August 4, but you can enter to win an advanced copy today. Just go to my shiny updated website and sign up for my author newsletter* to be entered to win. The winner will be announced on June 4.

Also, Phoenix Comicon starts today! If you’re going, don’t forget to come say hello!


*Don’t worry. I hate spam as much as you do. I’ll only send a newsletter when there’s news to share.


School’s out! Time to get your geek on at Phoenix Comicon!

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School’s out, which means it’s time to get your geek on! Phoenix Comicon is the perfect way to celebrate the start of summer.

Are you going? If so, come say hello! I’m a guest author again this year, participating in panels and signing books. Here’s where you can find me:

Also, be sure to attend the Drinks with Authors event Saturday night at the Sheraton Valley of The Sun, just down the street from the Phoenix Convention Center. Not only will there be a bunch of authors there to hang out with, there will also be book giveaways, including Now That You’re Here and an ARC of While You Were Gone. The event is loads of fun, and benefits Kids Need to Read.

Hope to see you there!


Come see me at Phoenix Comicon!

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Hooray! It’s time for Phoenix Comicon, the geekiest pop culture event in all of Arizona!

I’m a guest author this year, and will be appearing on a panel Friday afternoon with Austin Aslan, Beth Cato, Jamie Wyman and Shonna Slayton. We’re going to be talking about…

The Secret Lives of Debut Authors

*cue mysterious music*

How fun does that sound? We’re going to dish all the saucy details you’ve been dying to know.

Here are the details:

The Secret Lives of Debut Authors
Amy K. Nichols, Austin Aslan, Beth Cato, Jamie Wyman, Shonna Slayton
Friday, 430-530pm
Phoenix Convention Center, North 127c

Here’s the link at the Phoenix Comicon website:

Hope to see you there!


2013 Rocked! (A review with photos)

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Ahhh, here we are. The end of 2013, and the (completely self-indulgent) reflecting back on the year.

In a word, 2013 rocked.

Some highlights:

January: A whirlwind trip to New York with my hubby. I visited my publisher, took in all the art my brain could hold, saw a couple of Broadway plays, ate delicious food and skated at Rockefeller Center. Awesome.

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February: Another whirlwind trip to Los Angeles to go to the Oscars with my friend Trish. And just a couple of months after the two of us went to the Emmys. We ate at The Ivy, did the celebrity cemetery thing, shopped and, you  know, went to the Oscars. Crazy!

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March: I experienced my first real deadline. It was…intense. Don’t get me wrong: working with my editor, Katherine Harrison, has been nothing but a joy. But I have definitely gained a new understanding and appreciation for the energy and discipline it takes to revise a novel, and to do so by a specified date. I work best under deadlines (I think), but man do I need a nap afterward.

April: A weekend trip to Sedona with friends, including a friend who traveled all the way from England! Sedona is beautiful and we had a weekend full of laughter and food and fun.

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May: Phoenix Comicon!! I made my first official author appearance, participating in a panel on publishing. It was so fun! And Phoenix Comicon is just awesome. If you ever get a chance to go, go! Every year gets better and this coming year is no exception.

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June: My Parking Lot Confessional cohorts Stephen and Amy and I met Neil Gaiman!!

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July: San Diego Comicon with my friend Trish. Our first time attending. It was mind-blowing. I don’t know that any future SDCC visits will be able to top it. But we’ll see what happens in 2014!

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August: I traveled to Los Angeles to hang out with friends at the LA SCBWI conference. Always a blast. Every kidlit writer should attend an SCBWI conference at least once. This year was particularly poignant, as I got to meet up with other Adams Lit clients. Yay!

September: My first experience with copyedits. Wow. I’d heard that copyedits were trying, but I had no idea. My hat is off to copyeditors everywhere. You have a unique gift. I have a new appreciation for sentence structure and grammar now. Going through copyedits took my writing to the next level, for sure. September definitely grew me as a writer.

October: A much-needed vacation, driving through Colorado during the changing of the leaves. Ahhh, this trip did my spirit good.

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November: This month was full of fun events. I met Dan Simmons, and Preston & Child at The Poisoned Pen. My family also celebrated the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, seeing The Day of the Doctor in 3D at the cinema. So cool!

December: Just before Christmas, I submitted the manuscript for my second book to my editor. Then I indulged in all kinds of Christmas celebration, including building a TARDIS with my husband. I don’t think the neighbors know what it is, but that’s OK. In our opinion, we definitely have the coolest Christmas decorations on the block.


And now, it’s the last day of 2013. Looking back, this year just blows my mind. I only hit the highlights here, but in between all of these events were a day-to-day life filled with all the things I love: my husband, my kids, my friends, my writing. Of course there were less-stellar times as well, but overall the good far outweighs the bad. I am grateful. I am blessed.

2014 should be an interesting year. In 2014, my first book, Now That You’re Here, will be published! Stay tuned for lots of news and fun and giveaways and events.

In the meantime, though, thank you for reading, thank you for putting up with this self-indulgence. Here’s a toast to 2013: a wonderful, whirlwind of a year! And here’s to 2014 and beyond. May we all experience joy and peace and love beyond measure.

Happy New Year!

Because Doctor Who Fans Rule

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Are you my mummy?
Creepiest kid at Phoenix Comicon ’13

This past weekend was Phoenix Comicon ’13.

*insane cheering*

It was an incredible weekend. Much geeky fun was had by all. Even up to the point when we all had to evacuate the Phoenix Convention Center.


Yep. That’s right. Evacuate.

I was sitting in room 132, listening to Michael Stackpole, James A. Owen, Peter Orullian, Terry Brooks, Brandon Sanderson, and Timothy Zahn talk about worldbuilding. My husband and children were on the other side of the building, learning how to build a dalek. And then, just as the worldbuilding panel was finished up, the  lights on the ceiling flashed and a siren (that sounded a bit like the alarm on the Enterprise) sounded. We all looked at each other. What do we do? Well, luckily, there also came an automated female voice instructing us to leave the building in an orderly fashion at once.

So we did.

Here’s a video fo how those sirens sounded:

Brandon Sanderson was still talking about writing as he left the worldbuilding panel, and I got to ask him a couple of questions. Very cool.

But the very not cool part was that my phone battery had died just moments before the sirens sounded.


I had no way of getting a hold of my husband and children. Sad me. (I wasn’t too worried, though. I knew they couldn’t be far.) I asked the man standing next to me (not Brandon Sanderson) if I could borrow his phone. He said yes and I made contact with my hubby. Awesome! I told him where I was (just outside the doors) and he said he’d come to me.

But then security said everyone  had to move across the street. And so the plan hubby and I made to meet was thwarted. Not awesome.

I asked a young woman passing me if I could borrow her phone to call my husband. She scowled at me (actually scowled) and said no. I was a bit shocked, really, because this was Comicon and people are Comicon are so cool. Except for her. She was not cool.

Then, I saw a woman in TARDIS socks and a Who shirt and I approached her with confidence. “May I please borrow your phone to call my husband?” I asked, and explained my phone battery was dead.

She said yes. She even dialed the number for me.

You know why?

Because Doctor Who fans RULE.

After I made contact with hubby and told him to stay where he was I was coming to get him, I thanked her profusely and pointed out my own Doctor Who shirt.

We smiled at each other, knowing inside how much better the world would be if everyone was a Doctor Who fan.

I was soon reunited with my husband and children, thanks to the kindness and generosity of the woman in TARDIS socks.

Dear Woman in TARDIS Socks who Let Me Use Your Blackberry to Contact My Family:

Thank you for being awesome.