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The Next Big Thing

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the-next-big-thingI was invited to join a blog hop! Ready for some fun?

Here’s how it works: I answer some questions about my current project, and then pass the baton on to five talented writers whose work I want to highlight. Then they’ll do a similar post and highlight five writers they admire, and so on and so forth. Pretty cool, right?

Before we get any further, I need to tell you about my writer-friend Dex Raven, who invited me along on this blog hop journey. He’s not only an incredibly talented writer, he’s also a cool guy. Here’s a little more about him:

Dex Raven writes primarily dark fantasy and horror, when his muse, Violet, cooperates. When she doesn’t, he still attempts to write with varying results. He has a thing for classic monster legends, Egyptian and Nordic mythology, coffee, sarcasm and words that end in “esque”. He is currently working on two books: a fiction/non-fiction mash-up and his first novel. You can find his fiction as well as his thoughts on the writing process here.

Blog (fiction & writing) – ravenspeak.wordpress.com
Blog (life & ramblings) – livelikeagrownup.wordpress.com
Facebook – facebook.com/dexravenpage
Twitter – twitter.com/dexraven

Now, according to the blog hop format, I tell you a bit about myself and what I’m working on.

What is the working title of your next book?

Another Here, Another Now

(It’s not the working title, it’s the officially official title title.)

Where did the idea for your book come from?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…it started as a short story with a completely different central idea. That story sucked, but I liked the characters so much I wrote them into a new story with a different plot and it took off from there.

What genre does your book fall under?

Young Adult Science Fiction/Thriller

What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

What a fun question!! Here’s what I came up with for the major players in AHAN:

  • Eevee: Isabelle Fuhrman (perfect mix of brains and beauty)
  • Danny: This one’s too hard! I’d say Josh Hutcherson, but he’ll always be known as Peeta. How about we use a TARDIS to go get slightly younger versions of either Zac Efron or Jared Leto? (long hair included, please)
  • Warren: Tom Holland (put a pair of goggles on him and he’s good to go)
  • Mac: Simon Pegg or John Simm (über smart, slightly dangerous)
  • Judy: Sadie Frost (beautiful, driven, looks like she’s weathered some disappointments in life)
  • Sid: Bruce Greenwood (or someone equally as strict and foreboding)

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

This is what we used for the announcement in Publisher’s Weekly:

Katherine Harrison at Knopf has acquired a YA thriller by Amy NicholsAnother Here, Another Now, told from the alternating perspectives of street-smart graffiti artist Danny, who is thrown into a parallel world, and brainiac Eevee, the girl he kissed once in his world and falls for in this one. Quinlan Lee of Adams Literary did the two-book deal for North American rights.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

My book will be published by Knopf Books for Young Readers in Fall of 2014!

I am represented by the amazing Quinlan Lee of Adams Literary.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The first draft took about eight months. It’s been through numerous revisions and drafts since. If you held the first draft and the current one side by side, they wouldn’t look at all related. Like, not even distant cousins, thrice removed.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Hmmm… Maybe The Time Traveler’s Wife? My editor, Katherine Harrison, said it kind of reminded her of Every Day by David Levithan.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to write about two people who fall in love fast, but then the whole universe (literally) works against them, trying to force them apart. I also wanted to explore the idea that in a multiverse there could be numerous iterations of ourselves that may or may not be anything like us, and then ask the question: can we  ever really know who we are?

What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?

You mean, aside from a story that will grip you by the heart and not let go?  Well, there’s an intense scene involving scissors, an EMP detonation, and a twist toward the end that I don’t think anyone will see coming.

Also, ANOTHER HERE, ANOTHER NOW is the first of two books that will mirror each other in a truly unique way. I think readers will find the two-book combo un-put-down-able.

OK. Now I get to tell you about some amazing authors you need to know about, if you don’t already!

Kimberly Sabatini

Kimberly Sabatini is a former Special Education Teacher who is now a stay-at-home mom and a part-time dance instructor for three and four year olds. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband and three boys. Kimberly writes Young Adult fiction and is represented by Michelle Wolfson of Wolfson Literary Agency. TOUCHING THE SURFACE is her debut novel. (Simon Pulse – Simon & Schuster, October 30, 2012)

Blog | Twitter

Jodi Moore

Jodi Moore is author of the award winning WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN (Flashlight Press, 2011) and GOOD NEWS NELSON (Story Pie Press, 2012). She writes both picture books and young adult novels, hoping to challenge, nourish and inspire her readers by opening up new worlds and encouraging unique ways of thinking. Jodi is the proud and (admittedly) neurotic mother of two incredibly talented young adults and never ceases to be amazed at how far the umbilical cord will stretch. She lives in Boalsburg with her best friend/husband, Larry, two doves and an ever-changing bunch of characters in her head. You can find her at: www.writerjodimoore.com

Blog | Twitter

Amy Sundberg

Amy Sundberg is a SF/F and YA writer. Her short fiction has appeared in Redstone Science Fiction, Daily Science Fiction, and Buzzy Magazine, among others. She lives in California, and when not writing, she’s either buried in a good book, singing musical theater songs, or trying to add more pins to locations visited on her world map. She is an avid blogger at practicalfreespirit.com and can be found on Twitter as @amysundberg.

S. C. Green

A full-time worker, full-time father and full-time husband with dreams of becoming a full-time author without coming off as being full of it. Currently he is in the midst of revising his first novel in hopes of shopping for an agent this fall. From week-to-week he shares his experiences in writing at The Parking Lot Confessional for all to gape at, point and giggle, or hopefully, commiserate. For all other random ramblings and musing, you can find him sullying the web atThe Shadowed Quill.

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Amy McLane

As Amy Beth Forbes, her work has appeared in divers locations, such as Flytrap, Kiss Machine, Realms of Fantasy, andLCRW. Her short story A is For Apple was reprinted in The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, a collection available at your finer booktuaries nationwide. She is currently slaving away at a multi-book epic fantasy, and often forgets to post at personal blog Smoldering Ink. Elusive and quixotic, she likes pie, but wouldn’t say no to cake.

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Latest news and an announcement for STAR WARS fans

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I’ve been away from here for a couple of weeks, focusing my writing time and attention on completing my novel revision. The work is going well, but I miss posting here! I’ll be back to my regular schedule soon, though. Promise.

In other news…

The Parking Lot Confessional

Those of you who also read The Parking Lot Confessional know I’ve kept up my regular Wednesday posts over there. Here’s  a recap of the last two weeks:

Releasing Expectations

(March 2, 2011) The other day I had the doors open to enjoy the gorgeous weather. A moth flew inside, apparently had a change of heart, and fluttered back against the door to escape. I waited for it to settle, then cupped my hands over the tiny body. I felt the wings beat against my fingers as I enclosed my hands around it. Once outside, I let go and the moth flew free… Read more

An Essential Writing Tool

(March 9, 2011) When was the last time you watched the sun rise? Children playing at a park? A hawk hovering in the sky? The man in the check out line on his cell phone fumbling for his wallet? Not just noticed, but really watched? As writers, we recreate the world for our readers. Our work acts as a kind of mirror that invites people to look at the world again with new eyes. We use fiction to relate fact… Read more

If you don’t regularly read The Parking Lot Confessional, you really should check it out. My cohorts, Amy McLane and S.C. Green, both write witty and wise posts about writing. We have amazing guest authors posting every Tuesday. And we post fresh and exciting writing prompts every Thursday. Exciting content, every day of the week. What’s not to love?




I can’t believe I’m ramping up to publish the third issue of Liminal, the literary journal I publish for teens. I am swamped with submissions, which is so totally amazing! I can’t wait to see whose work will be in this issue. The expected publication date will be early May. If you haven’t read Issue 1 or Issue 2 yet, check them out!

Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon '11


If you’re anywhere near Phoenix over Memorial Day Weekend this May, you simply MUST go to the Phoenix Comicon. Seriously. It’s going to be amazing. Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Adam Baldwin will be there, along with Cherie Priest, Max Brooks, Lisa McMann, James A. Owen, Aprilynn Pike, and a whole slew of amazing authors. It’s not to be missed!

And finally…

Lynne Hazelden



Jason Griffiths is selling autographed prints of my sweet friend, Lynne Hazelden, who played Karrie Neth in RETURN OF THE JEDI. Proceeds go to assist Lynne with medical expenses. Email Jason at imperialsignings[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk for details. Add to your collection and help out a worthy cause!

The Gentleman in 114

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This is a cross-post from The Parking Lot Confessional. We’re writing a round robin story. Here is the first installment, which I posted on Monday. The next installment, written by Amy McLane, can be read here. Michael Greenwald will post the third installment on Friday; and S.C. Green will wrap the story up on Sunday. Hope you enjoy it!

The Gentleman in 114

Thursday and a quarter moon. Should have been a quiet night on the ward.

Lauren — Dr. Barstandt to the patients and staff — waved her security badge across the scanner and waited for the charge nurse to unlock the doors. She found the double-fail system a nuisance, but understood the necessity. Better safe than sued. Or worse.

The bolt clicked open, echoing through the empty corridor. Lauren clipped the badge back onto the pocket of her lab coat, pulled open the door and let it self-close behind her. Her Birks whispered across the yellowed linoleum as she walked toward the nurse’s station. She’d already passed rooms 106 and 108 — Mr. Turley and Mr. Denton’s rooms — by the time the bolt slid back into place.

Lauren addressed the patients with formality and respect, though the other doctors at St. Ninian’s argued they deserved neither. It was something she’d held onto since her days at U of I. Dr. Connell, her clinical psychology practicum advisor, insisted the old adage of vinegar and honey held true, particularly with the mentally infirm.

Lauren passed room 114. The lights were off, the reenforced window dark. Hopefully the old man was sleeping.

Judy, the charge nurse, greeted her with a worn smile. “Evening, Dr. B.”

“Slow night?” Lauren rested her elbows on the desk.

“Things got pretty loud earlier in 118, but other than that…”

“Ms. Portman?”

“You mean Mizz Cuckoo. Started pounding on the door, yelling something about ‘he’s here, he’s here’. Tried smashing her head into the wall, too, but we got her sedated and strapped before she could do damage.” Judy slid a file across the desk.

Lauren opened it and read the report. She pulled a pen from her coat pocket and clicked the tip again and again with her thumb. “She’s usually so compliant.”

“You’re telling me. Not even a full moon tonight.”

“And our gentleman in 114?”

“Our gentleman still hasn’t slept.”

Lauren stopped clicking the pen. “The lights are off.”

“You don’t believe me? Go see for yourself.” Judy set another file on top of the first.

“Did you ask him if he knew where he was?”

Judy sighed. “I asked him all the questions. No change.”

Lauren gathered the files and returned the pen to her pocket. “Alright. Guess I’ll start with him tonight. That’ll give Ms. Portman more time to sleep.”

She rapped her knuckles twice on the desk and walked to room 114. At the door, she stopped and flipped open the file. They knew so little about their newest patient, most of the report remained incomplete. Likely schizophrenic. Manic highs with acute insomnia. Compliant (so far). Non-violent (so far). Paper-clipped to the file was a black-and-white photo, the only item found in the patient’s possession. It was yellowed at the edges with an aged crease across one corner. In it a group of people dressed in early 40s fashion marveled at a passing car. A young man in the back stood out from the crowd. Taller than the rest. Wearing sunglasses and carrying a camera much too modern for the photo’s time.

Honey, not vinegar, Lauren reminded herself as she unlatched the door and flipped on the light. “Good evening, Mr. Cantor. I see you’re still awake.”

Read the next installment here.

© Amy K. Nichols, 2010