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The Spring 2016 YA Scavenger Hunt is ON!

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Spring 2016 YA Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to Spring 2016 YA Scavenger Hunt! My name is Amy Nichols and I’m your host this leg of the hunt.

AmyNichols_square_smA little about me:

– I’m the author of YA science fiction Duplexity novels, Now That You’re Here and While You Were Gone, published by Knopf.
– The Duplexity books are available now in a cool, two-in-one flip book!
– I have a ukulele named Gertie. She makes me happy.

Somewhere on this hunt, I’ve hidden playlists for both books of the Duplexity series, Now That You’re Here and While You Were Gone. When you find them, I hope you jam out. But before you go looking, you have to read on so you can check out the amazing author I’m hosting!

First, though, a little about the YA Scavenger Hunt:

On this hunt, you not only get access to exclusive content from each participating YA author, you also get a secret number. Add up the numbers, and  enter it for a chance to win a major prize–one lucky winner will receive at least one signed book from each author on my team in the hunt! But play fast: this contest (and all the exclusive bonus material) will only be online until noon PST on Sunday, April 3!

You can start right here or you can also go to the YA Scavenger Hunt homepage to find out all about the hunt. I am a part of the TEAM TEAL–but there seven other teams out there and if you do those hunts, too, you’ll have a chance to win seven different sets of signed books! If you’d like to find out more about the hunt, see links to all the authors participating, and see the full list of prizes up for grabs, go to the YA Scavenger Hunt page.

Check out all the amazing authors on Team Teal:

How to complete the hunt

Directions: Below, you’ll notice that I’ve listed my favorite number. Collect the favorite numbers of all the authors on Team Teal, and then add them up. (Don’t worry, you can use a calculator!)

Entry Form: Once you’ve added up all the numbers, make sure you fill out the form here to officially qualify for the grand prize. Only entries that have the correct number will qualify.

Rules: Open internationally, anyone below the age of 18 should have a parent or guardian’s permission to enter. To be eligible for the grand prize, you must submit the completed entry form by April 3, at noon Pacific Time. Entries sent without the correct number or without contact information will not be considered.

And now…the fun part!
I am so excited to be hosting…

Liz Braswell

About Liz:

After the sort of introverted childhood you would expect from a writer, Liz earned a degree in Egyptology at Brown University and then promptly spent the next ten years producing video games. Finally she caved into fate and wrote Snow and Rx under the name Tracy Lynn, followed by The Nine Lives of Chloe King series under her real name, because by then the assassins hunting her were all dead. She also has short stories in Geektastic and Who Done It and a new series of reimagined fairy tales coming out, starting with A Whole New World—a retelling of Aladdin.

She lives in Brooklyn with a husband, two children, a cat, a part-time dog, three fish and five coffee trees she insists will start producing beans any day. You can email her at me@lizbraswell.com or tweet @LizBraswell or, uh, tumble her here: http://lizbraswell.tumblr.com


The book Elizabeth is showcasing on the Spring 2016 hunt is…



1484707257_216f9About the book:

What if the sleeping beauty never woke up?

It should be simple–a dragon defeated, a slumbering princess in a castle, a prince poised to wake her. But when the prince falls asleep as his lips touch the fair maiden’s, it is clear that this fairy tale is far from over.


And now, a word from Liz regarding her bonus content:

Below are the songs I listened to a lot while writing Once Upon a Dream…    They inspired the misty, strange world Maleficent imprisoned Aurora Rose in, and the occasionally deadly, sometimes friendly creatures who inhabited it…

(Aurora Rose’s own playlist would have been longer—much longer; see the chapter “Sing to Me, O Muse”—but included too much lute, in my opinion).

  • “Once Upon a Dream” – Mary Costa, Bill Shirley (written by Jack Lawrence, Sammy Fain, Samuel Feinberg)
  • “Once Upon a Dream” – Lana del Rey
  • “Grande Valse Villageoise” (Sleeping Beauty Waltz) – Pyotr IlyichTchaikovsky
  • “Shake it Out” – Florence and the Machine
  • “Red Over White” – Siouxsie and the Banshees (note: note on Spotify, super indie)
  • “The Mother We Share” – Chvrches (note: ‘explicit.’)
  • “Is There a Ghost” – Band of Horses
  • “Heads Will Roll” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • “The Red Shoes” – Kate Bush
  • “The Mummer’s Dance” – Loreena McKennitt

(Here is the Spotify link.)

So many great songs by a bunch of my favorite artists (and my favorite composer!) on that playlist! I could listen to each of those songs, like, 3 (that’s right, THREE) times in a row. Thanks for sharing, Liz! Did you enjoy her playlist, too? Let her know in the comments below.

Purchase your copy of ONCE UPON A DREAM: A TWISTED TALE today:


Ready to continue the hunt?


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NowThatYoureHere_AmyKNichols_smHey everyone! Sorry it’s been soooooooper quiet around here. There has been so much going on, and I have loads to tell you. But it’s going to have to wait, because I’m literally going out the door right now to travel to San Diego for Comic-con!

*kermit flail*

I wanted to tell you really quickly, though, some exciting news:

The Random House booth (#1515) will be passing out free advanced copies of NOW THAT YOU’RE HERE during SDCC!

*double kermit flail*

If you’re at comic-con, be sure to stop by and get your copy. And then, feel free to tweet me at @amyknichols and I will happily sign it for you.

More when I get back!

THE FALCONER by Elizabeth May

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Today the Class of 2k14 celebrates another book birthday! If you want to read up on all of the books from the Class of 2k14, head on over to our official site. Lots of good stuff going on over there.

Congratulations to Elizabeth May on the debut of THE FALCONER!

About the book:

Set in an alternate 1844 Scotland, The Falconer is about a noblewoman who is the only human being on earth who can stop an insurgence of evil faeries from threatening her life and her city.

She’s a stunner.

Edinburgh, 1844. Eighteen-year-old Lady Aileana Kameron, the only daughter of the Marquess of Douglas, has everything a girl could dream of: brains, charm, wealth, a title — and drop-dead beauty.

She’s a liar.

But Aileana only looks the part of an aristocratic young lady. She’s leading a double life: She has the rare ability to sense the sìthichean — the faery race obsessed with slaughtering humans — and, with the aid of a mysterious mentor, has spent the year since her mother died learning how to kill them.

She’s a murderer.

Now Aileana is dedicated to slaying the fae before they take innocent lives. With her abilities and her knack for inventing ingenious tools and weapons — from flying machines to detonators to lightning pistols — ruthless Aileana has one goal: Destroy the faery who destroyed her mother.

She’s a Falconer.

The last in a line of female warriors born with the gift for hunting and killing the fae, Aileana is the sole hope of preventing a powerful faery population from massacring all of humanity. Suddenly, her quest is a lot more complicated. She still longs to avenge her mother’s murder — but she’ll have to save the world first.

The Falconer is published by Gollancz.

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth May was born in California, where she lived during her formative years before moving to Scotland. She is currently working on her PhD at the University of St Andrews.  When she isn’t writing or doing academics, she can be found with a camera in hand; her photography has been published on an array of book covers and in magazines.

She currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her husband. THE FALCONER is her début novel. For more information, follow her on Twitter @_ElizabethMay or visit her websitewww.elizabethmaywrites.com.


Where to buy the book:



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Today the Class of 2k14 celebrates another book birthday! If you want to read up on all of the books from the Class of 2k14, head on over to our official site. Lots of good stuff going on over there.

Congratulations to Kristin Rae on the debut of WISH YOU WERE ITALIAN!

About the book:

Goals for Italy:
*Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
*Eat a whole pizza in one sitting
*Fall in love with an Italian

Pippa is in Italy for the summer and, despite her parents’ wishes, she has no intention of just studying the local art! She has a list of things of her own to do: from swimming in the Mediterranean Sea to getting a makeover – and falling for an Italian boy! As Pippa explores the dramatic ruins of Rome and Pompeii, she is swept into her own drama with two guys: an irresistible local she knows is nothing but trouble and a cute American archaeology student . . . Will she find her true love?

The perfect reckless romance to enjoy whether you are home or abroad.

Wish You Were Italian is published by Bloomsbury USA.

About Kristin:

Kristin Rae was born and raised in Texas though her accent would suggest otherwise. She’s addicted to books, music, movies, crafty things, and chocolate. A former figure skating coach, LEGO merchandiser, and photographer, she’s now happy to create stories while pretending to ignore the carton of gelato in the freezer. Kristin lives in Houston with her husband and their two boxers.

Visit Kristin at http://www.kristinrae.com/.

Where to buy the book:

Barnes & Noble